Adrian Smith (i)

Adrian Smith(i)(Rep): is the incumbent representing District Three seeking his ninth term. He assumed office on January 3, 2007. Prior to congress, Smith served in the Nebraska State Legislature from 1999 to 2007 and was on the Gering City Council from 1994 to 1998. He sits on the House Ways and Means Committee. Smith is considered one of the most reliable Republicans in congress. He has never experienced a real serious challenger in a primary or general election and is always considered a "safe seat". Perhaps best defined as a "mainstream rural conservative" Smith has focused his terms on promoting markets for farmers and ranchers, repealing inheritance taxes, expanding hydropower, fighting Obamacare and protecting Medicare patients. Smith is a graduate of University of Nebraska Lincoln, and resides in Gering with his wife Andrea and son Zeke.

Alisha Shelton

Alisha Shelton (Dem): A licensed mental health practitioner and professional counselor, Alisha is running to represent the challenges that everyday Nebraskans face in solving issues such as accessible healthcare, rural broadband, and voting rights. Shelton also ran for Senate in 2020.

Shelton and her husband live in Omaha.

Bob Evnen (i)

Brett Lindstrom

Brett Lindstrom (Rep): Currently serving his second term in the Legislature, Sen Lindstrom is running too.

Carol Blood

Carol Blood (Dem): born in McCook, Nebraska. Blood graduated from Adams Central High School in 1979. Her career experience includes owning Blood Business Consulting and working as a business consultant, the CEO of the La Vista Chamber of Commerce, and a business specialist with Nebraska Self Employment Services. Blood has served as the chair of the Bellevue Farmers Market.

Charles Herbster

Charles W. Herbster (Rep): Herbster was born in Falls City, Nebraska. At the time of the election, he was the president and chief executive officer of Carico Farms, Herbster Angus Farms, and the Conklin Company.

Curtis D. Huffman

Curtis Huffman (Rep): Retiring as a Master Sergeant in the Air Force Security Forces in 2018, Curtis Huffman worked as a tax accountant with Huffman tax and accounting. Born and raised in Papillion, Hufmann described his motivations to run as a break from the GOP establishment, and a desire to see term limits legislation proposed in Congress.

Huffman and his wife live in La Vista, and have two adult children.

FB Page Statement: Over the last few decades, the establishment and political elites have insulated themselves from any opposition outside of their political control. In doing so, they have forgotten that the power and influence that they wield is not theirs; That power belongs to We The People. For far too long, we the silent majority have sat on the sidelines during primary elections, and allowed the out of touch establishment to decide who we are allowed to vote for in the general elections. In order for our country to thrive we must reject a government of the establishment by the establishment and for the establishment and re-embrace a government of the people by the people and for the people.

Daniel M. Wik

Daniel M. Wik (Dem) (Ran in 2016 for CD1 seat , 2020 for Senate): According to Wik's website he wants to take a bipartisan approach to issues, listing immigration, healthcare, veterans, farming, energy, and marijuana as important subjects to him. Wik is a physician stating, "Nebraska needs a Congressman who has the credibility of a rural physician honestly solving problems." He is CEO of MYPAINDOC. Wik has run for office several times, 2016 Nebraska Congressional District 1, and in 2020 as a candidate for Nebraska US Senate. Wik's education includes medical degrees from Concordia (MN), Northwestern Health Sciences University (MN), and St. George University (NY). Wik is married to Katie, they reside in Norfolk.

David J. Else

David J. Else (Dem): Else is a farmer and cattle feeder from rural Overton. There is little information on Else's candidacy with no official campaign website. He has a Facebook page primarily focused on agriculture issues. The last update was on March 20th sharing thoughts about grain prices, subsidies, and healthcare.

Don Bacon (i)

Don Bacon (i)(Rep) First elected in 2016, Congressman Bacon ran for office shortly after retiring from 29 years in the US Air Force. The former Brigadier General currently serves on the House Armed Services Committee and the House Agricultural Committee. On his website, Rep. Bacon cites his support for previous acts related to his committees as well as immigration and the border, COVID recovery, energy independence and other issues.

Don and his wife Angie live in Papillion. They have four children and six grandchildren.

Donna Nicole Carpenter

Donna Carpenter [R]: Has not replied to request for comment.

Gene Siadek

Gene Siadek (Lib)

Jazari Kual

Jazari Kual Zakaria (Dem): Currently a double-major in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in broadcast media production and journalism, Jazari Kual Zakaria describes himself as a journalist, hunger-relief activist, and a first-generation American with family roots in south Sudan. Born and raised in Lincoln, Zakaria's website lists multiple issues such as, strengthening the economy, renewable energy, and, eliminate federal taxes from overtime pay.

Jennifer Hicks

Jennifer Hicks (Rep): A member of the Voices of Nebraska Coalition.

Jim Pillen

Jim Pillen (Rep): Pillen was born in Columbus, Nebraska. He graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a bachelor's degree in animal science and from Kansas State University with a doctor of veterinary medicine. Pillen's professional experience includes working as a veterinarian and hog producer.

John Glen Weaver

John Glen Weaver (Rep)
Lt Col. Weaver filed for CD1 the same day he retired from service at Offutt AFB. On his website Glen says, I will fight for our farmers, including supporting infrastructure to increase production of products and I will fight for fair trade policies and advocate for regulations that help Nebraska's farmers.

His top priorities are also listed as border security, being pro-life, and national security.

Glen and his wife, Brianna, have a young daughter and live in Lincoln.

The day after Lt Col (ret.) John Glen Weaver retired from the U.S. Air Force at Offutt AFB he filed to represent the good citizens of Nebraska's 1st Congressional District. Glen grew up on a Midwest family farm and was homeschooled while working on the farm. He says that The farm work ethic is in my ethos and blood. After high school he studied Animal Science at the University of Wyoming. In 1999 he was commissioned as a 2nd Lt in the US Air Force. He has served all around the globe in national security roles ranging from flying combat missions over Iraq and Afghanistan to serving at the Pentagon.

John Murante (i)

Katrina Tomsen

L. Leroy Lopez

L. Leroy Lopez (Legal Marijuana NOW)

Larry Anderson

Larry Bolinger

Larry Bolinger (Legal Marijuana Now): One of the two candidates put forward by the Legal Marijuna Now party to secure permanent party status

Mark Elworth Jr.

Mark Elworth Jr. (Legal Marijuana NOW): A self-described marijuana activist, and co-chair of the Legal Marijuana NOW party, this is Elworth's second race in Nebraska's CD3 after representing the Democrats in 2020. He previously ran for Iowa's 3rd District in 2018 as an independent.

The LMN Party was recognized in April 2021 by the Secretary of State after a successful petition drive, and will be a permanent party if they secure 10,000 registered voters, or earn 5% of the vote in a state-wide election.

Michael Connely

Michael Connely (Rep): A former Sergeant in the Marine Corps.

Mike Calhoun

Mike Calhoun: Very little can be found on Calhoun's candidacy. There appears to be no campaign website or social media pages promoting his candidacy

Mike Flood

Mike Flood (Rep): Currently serving a four-year term as a State Senator from the 2020 election, Senator Flood had also served two terms in the Unicameral from 2004 to 2012, and in 2007 he was made the youngest speaker in the history of the Nebraska Legislature. Flood is a radio broadcaster who founded Flood Communications and grew the company into fifteen radio and and five television station. Among the issues listed on his website are cutting taxes and red tape, building the [southern border] wall, and election security.

Mike and his wife, Mandi, live in Norfolk where they are raising their two sons.

Born Feb. 23, 1975, in Omaha.

Education: Graduate of Norfolk Catholic High School, 1993; University of Notre Dame (B.A.), 1997; University of Nebraska College of Law (J.D.), 2001.

Family: Married Mandi Guernsey, Dec. 6, 2003; two children: Brenden and Blake.

Occupation: Broadcaster; attorney

Member: board, Invest Nebraska Corporation; board, TeamMates Mentoring Program; board, Children's Scholarship Fund of Omaha.

Mike Foley

Mike Foley (Rep)- The current Lieutenant Governor, Mike Foley occupied the Auditor's office from 2007 to 2015. Prior to then, Foley was also a State Senator for six years representing the 29th district in South Lincoln.

Patty Pansing Brooks

Patty Pansing Brooks (Dem):

Lincoln attorney and State Senator Patty Pansing Brooks is completing her second term in the Unicameral this year and making her first run to represent Nebraska's 1st Congressional District.

In the Legislature, she currently serves on the Education, Judiciary, and Reference committees, as well as serving on the Executive Board and other special committees.

Her website says that her policy focus will be healthcare access for all, infrastructure, and a circle of compassion to include a woman's right to control her own health care decisions, strengthen protections for the LGBTQ+ community, reform our criminal justice system, [and] safeguard our right to vote.

She and her husband Loel Brooks have three children.

Elected to Nebraska Legislature: 2014; re-elected 2018

Born Patty Pansing, Sept. 30, 1958, in Lincoln.

Education: Graduate of Lincoln Southeast High School, 1976; Colorado College, 1980; University of Nebraska College of Law (J.D.), 1984.

Family: Married Loel P. Brooks, July 7, 1982; three children: Taylor, Graham and Avary.

Occupation: Attorney, co-founder and vice president, Brooks, Pansing Brooks, PC, LLO.

Former: Senior policy counsel/aid, Mayor Beutler; general counsel, Spence Title Insurance Company; law clerk, Nebraska Association of School Boards.

Paul Anderson

Rex Schroder

Rex Schroder (Rep): A member of the Voices of Nebraska Coalition.

Robert J Borer

Roy A Harris

Scott Zimmerman

Steve Kuehl

Steve Kuehl (Rep): Spending most of his life in Omaha and career in the private sector, Kuehl recently made a move from Union Pacific to work as a sales consultant for a family-owned roofing company. In an interview, Kuehl said that he respects Bacon, but nobody was challenging him to vote more conservative on issues like the recent Infrastructure bill and the national debt, which has grown from about $20 Trillion to $30T under his tenure.

Kuelh resides in Gretna with his wife and three children.

Theresa Thibodeau

Theresa Thibodeau (Rep): Former State Senator and an entrepreneur who opened her own daycare facility in Omaha, Theresa Thibodeau has identified herself as a serious contender.

Thireena Yuki Connely

Thireena Yuki Connely (Rep) Palmyra resident Thireena Yuki Connely is the first of a slate of candidates in the Voices of Nebraska Coalition.

In a recent radio interview [KFAB], Connely said that an experience meeting Jeff Fortenberry in high school about 16 years ago was part of the motivation to run for office. On her website, Connely, a teacher in a homeschool co-op, also lists controlling federal spending, downsizing the Department of Education, and supporting medical freedom and free market healthcare systems.

Tony Vargas

Tony Vargas (Dem): A two-term State Senator, Tony Vargas is seeking to be elected to CD2 halfway through his second term. Sen. Vargas, who began his career as a public school educator, lists education, healthcare, and voting rights as just a few of the top issues on his website.

Vargas and his wife Laureen have two children and live in Omaha. Married Lauren Micek, July 9, 2016.

Troy Wentz