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More Than a Vaccine

(Santana Anderson - NSN News)
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Current Military Personnel Exemptions (Photo courtesy of Offutt Airforce website)

April 9, 2022
(Santana Anderson - NSN News)

An airman’s wife wishing to remain anonymous due to the ongoing vaccine conflict is speaking out for her family and others who don’t know how to. Her husband is in a battle between getting the COVID vaccination or standing up for his constitutional right of religious exemption. He is fighting to stay in the military and fight for his country rather than be dishonorably discharged.

To this family and others alike, it is more than a forced vaccination, it is the “sanctity of life morphed into the first amendment being violated,” claims the airman’s wife.

As the general public opinion, “Once you join the military it is no longer your body, it’s the government’s.”

Requesting not to be named as the process plays out, the airman’s wife said, “What you are saying is, were we aware the men and women of the military sacrificed their first amendment rights to defend yours? And they do not! They fight for the constitution.”

She explained that there is a difference between FDA vaccine and FDA emergency use authorization vaccine. FDA EUA vaccine is what the government is forcing on the military, with no significant research or studies done.

She said, “What type of country do we want to raise our children in and to the nonmilitary families out there, if they are doing it to our military, they will eventually do it to everyone.”

This airman has not been court martialed but is willing to give up nearly 16 years of service to stand up for his rights. He could relinquish VA and GI benefits, retirement, and repayment of education and training.

Retired Navy Captain Charles Mingonet explained that he has never seen anything to this extent while serving. He recalls encouraging vaccines like H1N1 and Anthrax for certain locations deployed for military personnel, however, no one has been kicked out for exemptions under Article 15 and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. He talked about the military having equal protections and how they do not lose their constitutional rights.

He said they are sworn in to support and defend the constitution and president, not depart from their constitutional rights.

“We aren’t given free rein but if something is unethical or goes against our rights, we can stand up and fight,” Mingonet said.

Mingonet said the main issue is the testing of the vaccine using aborted fetus cells and because of that, it goes against religious beliefs.

“I am sure that if the vaccine was not tested with aborted fetuses, then the servicemen and women would take the shot and risk the side effects because they take risks every day and follow orders given to them.”

The problem, he said, is that the COVID vaccine is not fully approved by the FDA.

“If I was a commander today, I would say no and hand over my pin after serving 25 years and then hand in my resignation,” said Mingonet.

When they deny religious exemption but don’t give another alternative, there lies an issue, Mingonet said. He thinks the medical system is bent to support big pharma and businesses that are crushing our rights and freedoms.

In tears, Mingonet said, “I hope things change.”

He cannot confidently direct anyone to join the military under the current administration because rights are being violated and their freedom is being jeopardized, and this is not something easily said by Mingonet. He is part of a family that has served for multiple generations.

As of April 5, the Air Force has administratively separated 250 active-duty Airmen, according to the Offutt Airforce website.

Also on the website:

Religious Accommodation: Religious accommodations are a subset of administrative exemptions and are determined by the MAJCOM/FLDCOM commanders. The DAF has 30 business days (active component in CONUS) to process requests. Appeals are determined by the DAF’s Surgeon General with inputs from the chaplain and staff judge advocate. Individuals do not have to get immunized as long as their request is in the process of being decided.

Visit Offutt Airforce for more on the COVID update. -30-

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