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Metro Soccer Tournament Set to Begin

(David Gardner - NSN Sports)
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Creighton Prep playing at Omaha South's Packer Stadium on March 28th (David Gardner - NSN Sports)

April 7, 2022
(David Gardner - NSN Sports)

High school soccer is nearly a month into their season around the metro and today marks the first round of the Metro Conference Tournament. Thirty-two boy and girl metro soccer teams will meet to see where they stack up at the midpoint of their season. They aim to dethrone last year’s champions, Creighton Prep for the boys and Gretna for the girls. The girls and boy’s Metro Soccer Tournament championship games will be held at Omaha South on April 11TH.

Below are the first-round matchups, along with who and which game to watch.


#1 Omaha Westside v #17 Bellevue East 7:00p

#2 Creighton Prep v #15 Omaha Benson 4:30p

#3 Papillion LaVista South v #14 Bellevue West 7:00p

#4 Gretna v #13 Papillion LaVista 7:00p

#5 Elkhorn South v #12 Omaha Burke 7:00p

#6 Millard South v #11 Omaha Central 5:00p

#7 Omaha South v #10 Millard North 7:00p

#8 Millard West v #9 Omaha Bryan 7:00p

Players to Watch: Andre Santamaria (Papio S), Edwin Cisneros (Omaha South), Maguire and Brett Perkins (Gretna), Johnson Lu (Millard West), Brayden Wright (Millard North)

Goalies to Watch: Ethan Watkins (Papio), Aiden Carlson (Papio S), Parker Spann (Elkhorn South), Alec Scharff (Gretna), Cody Fuller (Millard West), Schyler Smeby (Bellevue East)

Game to Watch: #8 Millard West v #9 Omaha Bryan


#1 Marian v #16 Omaha Benson 4:30p

#2 Elkhorn South v #15 Omaha Bryan 5:00p

#3 Gretna v #14 Omaha Burke 5:00p

#4 Millard West v #13 Millard North 5:00p

#5 Papillion LaVista South v #12 Bellevue East 5:00p

#6 Omaha South v #11 Millard South 5:30p

#7 Omaha Westside v #10 Omaha Central 5:30p

#8 Papillion LaVista v #9 Bellevue West 7:00p

Players to Watch: Savannah DeFini (Gretna), Avi Gonzalez (Marian), Emma Prososki (Marian). Madi Warren (Elkhorn South), Hannah Tate (Marian), Naomi Choquette (Westside)

Goalies to Watch: Makenna Miller (Elkhorn South), Jena Schultz (Papio South), Bella Washington (Marian), Ella Kowinski (Millard West), Madelyn Schaffert (Gretna)

Game to Watch: #4 Millard West v #13 Millard North -30-

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