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The Drought Continues Across Nebraska

(Santana Anderson – NSN News)
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April 8, 2022
(Santana Anderson – NSN News)

According to the current United States Drought Monitor for Nebraska, 1,161,988 people are affected by droughts. Nebraska has 16 counties with United States Department of Agriculture Disaster Designations. The second driest February on record was in 2022, with 2022 also being the driest year to date over the past 128 years.

Using a five-category system across the state, from Abnormally Dry conditions to Exceptional Drought, about 99 percent of Nebraska is currently abnormally dry. This means that the rangeland conditions begin to decline.

95.1 percent of Nebraska is Moderately Drought.

What that means:

At this level, pasture and crop growths are stunted and surface water levels have started to decline.

59.2 percent of Nebraska is in a Severe Drought.

What that means:

Crop yields are low; ethanol production has decreased and plants have begun to close. The risk of fires increases at this level, and firework restrictions are possible. Well levels have dropped and surface water irrigation restrictions may be implemented.

3.8 percent of Nebraska is in Extreme Drought.

What that means:

Hay is scarce and expensive. Producers are selling cattle early and culling.  Drought-tolerant trees are dying and water temperatures are high. The Platte River is dry in sections, and water recreation is limited.

Zero percent of Nebraska is in the Exceptional Drought level.

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