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A More Positive Environment for Juvenile Justice

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New home for Douglas County Juvenile Justice Center, 1723 Harney Street, Omaha. (NSN News)

April 3, 2022
(Santana Anderson – NSN News)

Probation officers, administrators and support staff will move from the current constricted building they are in at the Keeline Building into the former MUD headquarters in about two weeks announced at the ribbon cutting this past week.

This is part of Douglas County’s $128 million juvenile justice center.

It will be put to good use for the betterment of young people in distress and in trouble with the law. This will be a stepping stone to help improve public safety. Juvenile probation officers will utilize this as their new home and better serve those in need.

The new building is well lit, lined with windows and spacious to accommodate the programs offered.

It provides the community with the basics the other location did not have, including more office space, a specific private bathroom for drug screenings and private rooms for families to speak openly in, plus more.

Douglas County Board Chair Mary Ann Borgeson said that she believes when children and families come into the building, they will experience a sense of care and love. She hopes it sends a positive message to the children and families to help turn the children’s lives around.

Additional programs and community programs will be offered in the building. “One of the major programs they are working on right now is the family resource center,” said Borgeson.

All juvenile systems offered to the community will be on one square block.

An 8-story tower housing the juvenile courts, county attorney’s and public defender’s offices is in the works. The building that will be right behind the former MUD building will be the juvenile detention center. The completion of these other two buildings is set for 2023.

They are hoping the easy access to all three locations will make it much easier and accessible for children and family they serve.  

Some may be concerned about the bonds purchased to make this all happen, but the focus is on the future of young people according to Borgeson.

“This shows our commitment to the children and families and when they go in the building, they will have the sense of nurturing and positivity they need,” said Borgeson.  -30-

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