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A Scientific Technological Elite

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March 29, 2022

The United States is the most powerful nation ever to exist on earth, possessed of the best technology, most lethal military, and wealth enough to shame Croesus himself.

However, we have grown weak in character, jettisoning resolve and principle while our enemies have been honing their weapons and strengthening their forces, not to mention, hardening their positions against our interests.

What duplicitous corporations have not already sold to them, China and others have stolen from us, using our mush-headed and easily bought media to run cover for their illicit operations.

Along with incessant cyber hacking, the Chinese have also engaged in the physical retrieval of decommissioned American satellites under the guise of removing "space junk" for the good of humanity. They then reverse engineer the technology for their own use. The Chinese are not interested in a cooperative relationship with the US, but rather a dominant one.

Amidst all these warning signs, the American people are no longer as wary of foreign attack as they ought to be.  

This is partly because our educational and social institutions have been busily petting them, soothing them, and persuading them of the lie that our greatest threats lie within our own borders, from our own neighbors in the form of a panoply of hateful "isms," paraded past us in round-robin fashion until one catches our eye.  

But, globalism obsessed Republicans also bear a share of the blame for America's collective misapprehension of danger.  

Having waged numerous wars on dubious pretexts, while profiting handsomely in both money and position, the recent exposure of the larcenous nature of their bellicosity has led folks to wrongly surmise we really have no enemies, other than those we create for ourselves by our ruthless exploitation of the globe.

This narrative plays right into the hands of those nations committed to starting trouble, then claiming to be victims once the American giant is righteously angered - a fairy tale eagerly shared and amplified by a largely disloyal media.

We are being purposely distracted on all fronts. Domestically, through the faux-outrage industry; economically through the manipulation of currency, markets and international agreements placing American interests at the bottom of the list; militarily, by the artificial creation of conflict, stemming too often from our own military-industrial complex seeking endless appropriations.

Eisenhower coined the phrase “military-industrial complex” in his farewell address, and it captured the imagination of every left-leaning peacenik ever to grow a ponytail and don some ratty sandals.  However, he gave an additional warning in that same speech, one that has even greater import for today.

"...research has become central; it also becomes more formalized, complex, and costly. A steadily increasing share is conducted for, by, or at the direction of, the Federal government. The prospect of domination of the nation's scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present and is gravely to be regarded.

Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific/technological elite." (emphasis added)

It is through this second mechanism that our economy has been devastated by the diktats of a scientific/technological elite, holding public policy captive to their arcane formulae and atheistic immorality. It is the ham-handed mandates that have wreaked havoc across our world causing devastation not seen since the last world war.

The sacred rights of Americans have been abrogated, not by the might of the military, as the ponytailed, sandaled leftist professors insisted they would be, but rather by the hegemonic, monolithic monopoly over information wielded against us by those same hygiene-challenged Marxist mouthpieces living large under the protection of university tenure.

Our nation is in a very precarious position at this moment. We are "led" by a figurehead, fronting for an extreme leftist cabal so invested in the idea of "refounding" America, they are willing to upend the systems of election integrity to keep hold of the fruits of their crimes.

They push legislation with the functional effect of ensuring the United States becomes a one-party state. They turn the regulatory and law enforcement institutions of our nation against their political opponents in the grandest tradition of the most corrupt banana republics.

These same people are willing to destroy the United States entirely if it may permit them the chance to "Build Back Better."  

We may pray we are wrong, but the events of the last five and a half years argue against that conclusion. Those invested in the remaking of the world order will honor no boundary, respect no limit, and accept no compromise in pursuit of their goal.

Though it will not be by our choice, we will end up fighting them, possibly for generations to come, tragically washing our nation once again in a torrent of blood, the inevitable price of our inattention and complacency.

We who believe in the promise of self-government and the inherent value of individual life and liberty are no longer pushed, we are shoved, and the precipice looms dangerously at our feet.

Our tether to safety is the Constitution, but even that bulwark against totalitarianism is eroded as never before, having become the meal on which the termites of tyranny have nibbled, then chewed, and now feast openly.

The rule of experts is no panacea to the inherent failings of humanity. There are no grand sweeping edicts capable of cleansing our souls of ill-intent and fallen behavior. These are with us until the end, and our wrong-headed attempts to engineer them out of us by the power of government have led to the most unconscionable horrors of history.

We cannot let go of our individual worth. We cannot trade our inherent, personal value for membership in a group no matter the gleam of promised benefits. The enemy of our future isn’t uncertainty, it’s the idea that certainty is an option we can choose, if only we turn over our power of choice to others.

Eisenhower was prophetic in vision and clear-eyed in his appraisal of the decades ahead. We are now where he warned us not to go. Let's NOT fulfill the remainder of Ike’s prophecy. -30-

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