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Eight Days Left in 2022 Unicameral Session

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(Photo by Santana Anderson)

April 3, 2022
(Brandon Benson - NSN News)

The Unicameral is on a four-day weekend before resuming on Tuesday, which will mark the 53rd day of the 60-day session. The last day of session will be April 20th. The agenda for the final eight days will keep the senators busy.

The past week was full of debate on state budget matters. It will continue in the final days including LB920 [Sen. Lathrop] dealing with criminal justice reform and LB873 [Sen. Friesen] addressing community college levies, also amended with Senator Brett Lindstrom’s tax package.

Debate will resume with LB873. The bill will offer tax cuts on social security, property and personal income taxes. It advanced to Select File this past Wednesday.

Senator Justin Wayne’s LB1073 had passed but was vetoed by Governor Ricketts. The bill would require Governor Ricketts to apply for emergency funding for rental assistance under the American Rescue Plan Act. The bill was prioritized by Senator Matt Hansen. The override attempt is on the agenda for Tuesday.

LR264CA is a proposed Constitutional amendment that would prohibit imposition of taxes other than retail consumption and excise taxes. The amendment proposal is in the first round of debate. If the legislature passes the measure it will be placed on the 2022 ballot for public vote. LR264CA was introduced by Senator Steve Erdman.

Senator Steve Lathrop’s LB920 will resume debate. NSN has covered the bill in depth. Senators are divided on recommendations from the Criminal Justice Institute's report which serve as the foundation for Lathrop’s bill.

The Human Life Protection Act under LB933 was successfully pulled out of the Judiciary Committee. The bill was introduced by Senator Joni Albrecht. The legislature expects a full day of debate on the bill next week.

The other bill this session to achieve a pull motion was LB773. LB773 would allow for Constitutional Concealed Carry in Nebraska. Senator Tom Brewer introduced the bill. It currently sits on Select File after a 35-9 vote in the first round of debate. The bill has not appeared back on the agenda since the General File debate on March 11th.

Before adjournment for the weekend Speaker Mike Hilgers outlined what’s ahead for the final stretch of the session. Hilgers told the body to expect full day debate [debate extended into evening hours] on Tuesday and Wednesday. Full day debate has been taking place midweek over the past month. Hilgers has organized session days in recent weeks to start at 9 am, including working through lunch several days in March, and generally adjourning around 5 pm.  

Each day’s agenda is drawn up and announced within a few hours after the current day’s legislative session has adjourned. Generally the agenda picks up somewhere on the previous day activity, but can be adjusted by the Speaker of the Legislature.

This week’s session will run Tuesday through Friday, then pick up again Monday-Wednesday, April 13th. Then there will be a four-day break allowing the Governor to veto any legislation which would return to the Unicameral for a veto override attempt. The final day of the session will be April 20th.

The full list of Tuesday’s agenda can be found here.

Keep following NSN as the legislature completes the 2022 session. -30-

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