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Gods Unto Ourselves

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March 31, 2022

The original lie, "...your eyes shall be opened, and you shall be as God, knowing good and evil," brought Sin into the world, and with it, death.

Ever since, mankind has reliably swallowed every version of that lie to come along.

"There is no god." "God is dead." "We are our own gods," are all used to legitimize abhorrent treatment of others, or to justify the elevation of some over all, by rendering all equally worthless - just walking bags of bone and blood; simple products of blind evolutionary forces; clumsily taking our place as members of the animal kingdom, nothing more.

Of course, this brusque devaluation of life doesn’t apply to those who helpfully point out their supremacy over their dullard companions. They are the penultimate expression of natural selection, destined to rule over others who are incapable of recognizing their intrinsic worth, or so they believe.

Anthro-centricity is the animating principle of those who would be gods unto themselves, which makes sense, given they believe they have the power to save or destroy our climate; violate the biological reality of gender with mere intention, and to declare all resources scarce, with the notable exception of wealth, which they believe is inexhaustible, but must be placed within their reach for the taking.

Worse still, (and surely by design of the original liar) they believe their lofty status enables them to determine the value of life itself, even before it is born.  

As for those of us lucky enough to avoid the abortionist's scrapes and jabs, our betters will not fail us by shrinking from their task - they will weed the garden, purify the stock, pursuing the eugenicist's brass ring of achieving "conscious evolution," becoming, as they describe themselves, "co-creators of the next stage of humanity." (If you doubt, Google those terms and prepare for your hair to spontaneously curl.)

There exist countless iterations of the very same lie, "you are gods," relentlessly repeated by those who are invested in the lie, either profiting in a boon of wealth and power, or simply to assist the original liar in his harvest of souls.  

They commend themselves, and each other, as the enlightened, bravely "following the science," as any intelligent person should.

We are experiencing nothing new today; we have been given no new revelations or epochal insight. We are just reheating the same leftovers, with a different sauce, or a reconfigured side dish. The ebb and flow of evil in our world will be with us until the end of days, its waxing or waning determined by our willingness to embrace or reject it.  

Take an honest look at every issue before us and you'll quickly discern the presence of "The Lie," first told by the author of division to undermine the author of love.

Beware the hubris of self-incarnation, believing in our own capacity to nudge the future itself in a direction of our choosing.  

We do indeed have that power, given to us by our Creator in the gift of free will, but only for ourselves, not for all.  

Despite the original lie, and every repetition of it since, we are not God, and cannot be, just as the original Liar cannot either; the bitter recognition of which poisoned him for eternity.  

The Lie serves one purpose - to ensure the Liar has someone to keep him company as he serves his endless sentence of separation from God. -30-

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