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Life Unworthy of Death

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March 24, 2022

The German Euthanasia Association, “Verein Sterbehilfe,” has issued a new regulation voluntarily restricting their participation in assisted suicide.  Have they suddenly decided euthanasia is wrong? Have they concluded the act of euthanasia (as expressed in assisted suicide) is inherently corruptible, inevitably leading to the involuntary disposal of inconvenient people?

No, they have not.

They are just as dedicated to offering unfettered access to the machinery of death-by-choice as they ever were. They steadfastly refuse to even consider the possibility that some of their “clients” may have been subjected to coercion, shaming or other forms of psychological abuse for nefarious reasons, such as hurrying up an inheritance, or a long-coveted insurance payout.

None of these arguments have the intellectual or moral strength to deter these death zealots from their appointed rounds. What then, is powerful enough to stay the hand of an advocate for meeting the grim reaper on demand?

To these ghoulish folks, being unvaccinated against Covid-19 is a crime NOT worthy of death.

Yes, you read that correctly. Unless you are fully vaccinated, the German Euthanasia Association will not kill you. Aside from the screaming irony of a nation with Germany’s relatively recent history even permitting the existence of an Euthanasia Association, the fact of their reluctance to separate the unvaxxed from this mortal coil is indicative of a much deeper social malady among these descendants of the Third Reich.

In keeping with long-standing German traditions of “social hygiene” dating back to the mid-19th century, vaccine hesitancy is a detestable offense. The powers have made their declarations in favor of 100% immunization, so those who resist, or are merely slower to respond than their neighbors, are shunned socially, and increasingly, economically.

In the early 20th century, the concept of “national health” supplanted the former belief in individual health, meaning the specific needs of the individual would be disregarded if those needs conflicted with a desired national outcome. This is where Eugenics found its most prolific expression, in the cleansing of the gene pool.

Inexorably, this utilitarian attitude led to the involuntary “mercy killings” of the gravely ill, mentally deficient, or physically deformed on a national scale. Tens of thousands were put to death under the banner of “public health.” All this, as inhuman and outrageous as it was, merely presaged the later attempted annihilation of an entire race of people, those of Jewish ancestry, in the Holocaust.

Worse still, and forever a stain on the Germanic people (and a grave warning to all others!) the grotesque dispatching of the imperfect was well-known, and widely considered as wise policy among the German people.

The idea of Lebensunwertes Leben - (Life unworthy of life) animated the repulsive culling of the “unfit,” with the program championed by well-respected physicians, scientists and academics BEFORE Hitler came to power. It’s an easy dodge to lay all the horrors of “public health” gone mad at the feet of the Nazis, but it is also untrue. These policies, proposals and research supporting them were a part of the German (and other European and American elites) psyche dating back to the days of Hitler as a failed house painter.

The Nazis didn’t invent these ideas, they just brought them to fully funded fruition with the exacting precision of an all-encompassing administrative state, providing their posterity with the single greatest warning of the last two millennia - collectivism is the enemy of life.

Whether that collectivism expresses itself in grand designs for a master race crafted by the unquestioned authority of public health officials, or in universal vaccination mandates demanding all bodies accede to the administration of an experimental genetic therapy over which even the manufacturers forswear responsibility.

At what point does the insinuation of collective interest into private, individual medical choices cross the line from “concern” into “control?” It would seem that point lies somewhere well before determining eligibility for euthanasia.  

If you are unvaccinated in Germany, you’re not merely looked down on, not simply maltreated by society and your government - you are so detestable, even the purveyors of death would rather see you suffer endlessly without relief than affirm your choice to remain unvaccinated by killing you.

You are life unworthy of death. -30-

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