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Nebraskans Step Up

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April 4, 2022

The Russia-Ukraine war seems to have produced a multitude of mixed emotions. Many around the world are cheering the Ukrainians on as they valiantly fight to defend their homes. Others have expressed sympathy for Russia, as they profess their desire to reunite the Donbas region back with the Motherland. Still, others see no clear-cut dichotomy identifying the good guys and the bad guys. The U.S. has called for sanctions against Russia while many countries see no reason to harm their own economies by following suit.

What is clear – there are citizens who are not involved with global politics, who want nothing more than what citizens from countries around the world want: Simply to live their lives in peace and prosperity. To raise their children, to enjoy their work and the fruits of their labor. To worship as they please, speak without repercussions and continue to build their lives.

If it comes to it, these citizens will defend to the death their home and their way of life – as would many of us.

It is in this vein, with these innocent civilians in mind, Nebraskans have stepped up to offer what help they can. Nebraskan public safety agencies have taken a step to send Ukrainians safety equipment – officer to officer. Over 550 pieces of personal protective equipment including body armor and Kevlar helmets. Douglas County Sheriffs is running a drive (for law enforcement only) to collect even more. Nebraskans are donating money and supplies to many different organizations providing relief.

There is a sense of helplessness when you hear of these David versus Goliath scenarios. It seems utterly impossible for a small country to stand up to the likes of Vladmir Putin and the Russian Army. Maybe that is why their grim determination to fight for their country catches our imagination so fully. These are ordinary people, struggling against extraordinary circumstances.

As descendants of those who stood up against tyranny and created the greatest nation the world has ever seen – the Ukrainian fighting spirit rings true. No matter the corruption or political gamesmanship from those directing each of these countries – the simple act of a citizen standing firm against invasion and tyranny must draw comparisons to those who have so bravely established our great country.

Ronald Reagan once said, “We’re blessed with the opportunity to stand for something for liberty and freedom and fairness. And these are things worth fighting for, worth devoting our lives to.”

Yes, yes they are. -30-

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