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NSN Exclusive 5-Part Series: Human Trafficking

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Human Trafficking - including sex and labor trafficking - is a big problem in Nebraska.

March 26, 2022
(Kevin J. Bernadt - NSN News Editor)

Beginning tomorrow, Nebraska Sunrise News is publishing an exclusive five-part series on the stark realities of human trafficking. Laying bare the truth through informative and factual reporting, we aim to illuminate serious problems within our society, no matter how difficult the subject.

The series is spearheaded by our Senior Writer, Angella Arndt, a polished writer and accomplished reporter with years of experience conducting interviews, ferreting out facts, and delivering gritty details. She provides the meat of the material in parts two through four, focusing on what exactly constitutes human trafficking and how to detect it, including sex and labor trafficking, who the perpetrators are, the intricate law enforcement efforts to combat the criminal activity, existing laws and how it impacts Nebraska communities.

Bookended by two of NSN’s emerging young reporters, Santana Anderson and Kaylie Wilson jumped at the opportunity to contribute when offered the chance. They attacked their responsibilities with ardor and unyielding fortitude more befitting of grizzled vets. Santana leads the series off with a gut-wrenching story on the horrors of sex trafficking. Kaylie wraps it up with a focus on victim advocacy and recovery.  

Finally, NSN’s unique and renowned podcast personality, Chris Baker, will feature human trafficking on his show. Known for his quick wit, humor and sharp intellect, Chris takes the topic of human trafficking seriously. Committed to shedding light on these monstrosities for well over two decades, the issue resonates close to his heart. His in-your-face style of podcast and interviews will reflect that.

Directed by the venerable Ben Gray, City Editor, he added his unquestioned reputation and unparalleled gravitas to the project.

Because of the critical importance of the series, we pledge to keep the articles free to all readers. We humbly ask for your efforts and contributions in sharing the articles with your friends, family and neighbors. Please post, tag and share on social media. The more exposure we bring to the realities of the atrocities of human trafficking, the safer we will make it for our Nebraska communities, children, and young people. -30-

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