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Phase II Begins

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April 9, 2022
Nebraska Sunrise News

Nebraska Sunrise News is an impactful multimedia company, transforming the lives of people and communities we serve. On behalf of Nebraska Sunrise News, we are thrilled to announce that Phase II of our strategic plan is currently underway.

Since our inception, we have received positive feedback from our subscribers and readers through online surveys, phones calls, and emails. We intend to continue building on our success. As we move ahead with Phase II, we will focus our efforts on subscriber engagement and the integration of modern technologies to enhance the user experience.

Please be advised that our website will be down for maintenance during the Phase II implementation. For annual and monthly subscribers that are impacted, we will credit your account accordingly. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience, and we appreciate your patience.

We look forward to delivering the multimedia experience Nebraskans deserve on the near horizon.

For questions or concerns, please feel free to contact

Thank you.

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