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Sine Die

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April 9, 2022
(Brandon Benson - NSN News)

Sine Die is a Latin term that means to “adjourn without any future date being designated (as for resumption): indefinitely the meeting adjourned sine die.” This is the official term used every year as the legislature closes session. It’ll be announced on April 20th when the Unicameral has completed business for the 2022 session.

Instead today I report our own Sine Die. I intended to bring you full coverage of the legislature up to that moment. Then carry on Nebraska’s political coverage through the primary, the general election, and every single tidbit of information in every single nook and cranny from Omaha to Scottsbluff. And look at it all from the tiniest particle of sand at the bottom of the Platte to the soaring view overhead like a Sandhill Crane. Border to border. Top to bottom. I hope that is what you’ve come to expect out of our coverage of Nebraska government and politics.

The sun sets and it comes back up. That will be the case for Sunrise News. In the meantime I feel my work is not completed. There are four days left in this legislative session. There’s things left to tell the public about. Constitutional Carry will be debated. Veto override attempts. Final touches to the budget. While I don’t know what the future holds in the long term or even what the sun shines on tomorrow, I intend to continue bringing you coverage of the Nebraska Legislature. You’ll just have to come find me now to get it. I am out there and easy to find. Facebook mostly, but I’m in other places as well. Please continue to follow the coverage I have started. From there, maybe something new will rise.

I have my own Latin phrase I made up several years ago that serves as motivation, a sort of mission statement. I’ve been meaning to get a tattoo of it. Maybe once again when the job situation allows for such spending. The term is this “Tenebrae Non Importo. Export Modo Lucem.” The translation is “Import no darkness. Export only light.”

It is my hope in our short time together, and whatever extended coverage I can provide you, it has been that - we have imported no darkness, but only exported the light. The sun will come out again. -30-

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