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The Prophets of Baal

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April 3, 2022

Elijah felt the heat from the people - the prophets of Baal spun a grand tale, preaching an existence free from obligation to righteousness or the law.

Indeed prophets of the one, true God had been on the menu as of late, with many put to the sword for opposing the narrative pushed by the prophets of Baal and their followers.

Something had to be done and quickly, before all the people succumbed to the false teaching.

The people were gathered together then, with the Prophets of Baal on one side and Elijah on the other when Elijah called for sacrifices to be prepared - a bull for Baal and another for the Lord God, lain upon firewood, but not lit.

Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal to a contest: both he and they would call upon their God to light the offering, and whichever God answered, the people would worship Him alone.

The prophets of Baal wailed and intoned for hours but their sacrifice lay cold on dry wood. Elijah taunted them, "Perhaps you should cry louder? Maybe your god is asleep?"

The prophets of Baal then flagellated themselves, dancing, and smearing themselves with their own blood, screaming for their god to deliver fire to the offering, all to no avail.

Finally, Elijah stood and called for water to be brought, which he then splashed all over his bull and the wood it lay upon, soaking it until saturated. Surely no flame could light this sacrifice now.

Elijah then called upon God and fire came down, consuming the wood and the sacrifice both, as Elijah proclaimed the worship of the “one, true God.”

Many turned from the worship of Baal after his prophets had been exposed, but not all.

Many refused the evidence of their own eyes, ignored the scent of wood smoke in their own nostrils, and tried to kill Elijah.

With the Lord's help, Elijah escaped.

Western societies of today are beset by an overabundance of modern counterparts to the prophets of Baal, urging us to believe their explanations and rationalizations as Gospel; demanding we worship as they do, at a cold, barren altar, dedicated to a cold, barren ideology.

We are forced to engage in sacrificial rituals to appease a god of their creation, a shape-shifting deity known by many aliases, shuffled like a deck to suit the needs of the day’s narrative.

We know the shibboleths all too well, having been made to bend the knee to each in turn or suffer economic, social or physical destruction. We lurch from one Maoist struggle session to the next, suspecting, but never quite sure of the futility of trying to meet the perpetually aggrieved halfway.

Our children are taught the rituals of their new faith in schools we have constructed, maintained and operated with the fruit of our detestable capitalist labors.

As if earning enough to support our families AND the Onanist fantasies of those who believe the perfectibility of mankind is only ever one government program away wasn’t burden enough, we now have to reeducate our miseducated offspring if we hope to have any future at all.

As their ideological forbears did, today’s Prophets of Baal will promise endlessly, but deliver nothing but disappointment and bitterness, all while insisting it’s foolish to trust the evidence of our own eyes, and the lessons of our own experience and knowledge. For them, reality is as malleable as our gullibility permits.

And, when we refuse to adopt their warped vision; when we choose to face harsh truths over comfortable lies, they will set upon us violently, as their ideological ancestors did Elijah.

But now, as then, they will fail, as reality will always displace fantasy eventually, and truth will out.

All their wailing and gnashing has failed to bring down a single spark from their impotent gods. Their god has lit nothing, and the people of America know it, despite government, culture and media screaming spittle-flecked descriptions of how hot their “fire” blazes.

As we warm ourselves by the true fire Elijah called down, we would do well to guard our flanks. The prophets of Baal have their followers, and if denied their victory, many will surely seek vengeance in its place.

Yes, we have truth on our side, but truth means nothing to the prophets of a false god. The shams we’ve witnessed thus far are a weak prelude to the thrashing, convulsive tantrums to come as the false prophets desperately try to prove their god is real. -30-

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