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There, But For the Grace of God, Go I

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March 28, 2022

How close to the precipice are we? How near a fatal fall are we each day, often unaware of the danger?

There are many ways to fall, equal to, or perhaps even surpassing the avenues by which we might rise. As numerous the opportunities, so too the risks, whether those be economic, spiritual, social or legal, we all spend our days within a hair’s breadth of catastrophe; this is an immutable truth of life.

Yet we move ahead, day by day. Dwelling on risk doesn’t ameliorate it any more than repeating a lie makes it true. Awareness is prudent, but fixation is counterproductive, leading one to exaggerate danger, poisoning both outlook and mindset. Wise caution is soon replaced by phobia, and planning becomes warped, as irrationality exerts a stronger pull than evidence.

Without this fearfulness, intrusive government would be impossible. Rational thought would prevent the hyperbole from taking root, leaving the elected “heroes” without an audience. This is an integral part of the American Experiment, the willingness to accept risk in exchange for freedom. - to manage danger rather than be defined by it.

So much of our modern way of life is governed by decisions of people far removed from us (geographically, experientially and ideologically). In our system, we ultimately bear the responsibility for the government we get when we fail to engage in the process. Those who fill that vacuum reliably do so for reasons very few of us share. Some for the pursuit of power, others for wealth, and still others to fill an unnamed emptiness.

Now, self-reliance is derided as selfishness or “toxic masculinity,” by people who know nothing of self-sacrifice, delayed gratification or the age-old concept of giving before taking. The incestuous relationship between the vocal accusing class and their compromised politicians brought us a social structure where fear has been commodified, with entire industries built around it.

Fear is necessary to the business of dependence. Unless made afraid, men and women of good character will make their own choices based on their own beliefs about right and wrong.

This reveals the beauty of the American system; the source of one’s beliefs approaches irrelevance in comparison to the free exercise of those beliefs. Their value is based on the results downstream of those beliefs (good or bad) not a predetermined outcome dictated by others.

This is independence. The ability to put one’s own beliefs into practice and live with the results. If tyrannies are to gather strength, they must disrupt this equation. They do this by buying support with over-generous government largesse or forcing compliance under threat.

When we decry a life of timidity, those of us still aware of the liberties intended for us from our founding generation are vilified, smeared, and increasingly targeted both physically and economically.

When we point to the unprecedented success enjoyed by participants in the American Experiment (by birth or immigration), the errors of our forebears are trotted out as proof of our complicity. We are blamed for wrongs committed in other eras, under dramatically different norms and mores. Most of which we ourselves have not merely rectified, but also atoned for with waves of blood.

Our enemies are not idle. Our history is systematically warped by agenda-driven ideologues seeking to delegitimize that which they cannot refute. Our resistance to this crime of the humanities is treated as supporting the worst elements of earlier generations. Slavery (long since abolished), Jim Crow laws, (studiously cleansed from our legal system) and Racism (relegated to the salons of elitist fantasy) are nonetheless resurrected.

Revisionists claims of the virulence of racial “otherism” are more powerful than ever because it has finally been recognized as inherent to a single race – Caucasians. Most are unaware of their guilt as they exploit their privilege to retain their ill-gotten wealth, stolen of course from the very targets of their unconscious hatreds.

The targets (who are not victims) now demand to take from those who have committed no crime simply because “equity” requires it.

The ludicrous nature of this assertion is evident to even the dullest among us, but challenging it is conveniently declared to be further evidence of its truth. It is deemed an act of aggression that demands an in-kind response.

This is the pretext-driven agenda that permits extreme violence against ideological opponents, provided the victim is labeled “privileged,” and the perpetrator is a member of an aggrieved minority.

This is the true infrastructure the Democratic Party is funding with our tax dollars. They are building a superstructure for a sick and twisted reanimation of the worst abuses of history. They have their eyes on that which they did not earn, don’t understand and cannot replicate. Like envious children, they snatch it from the hands of someone else, rationalizing their abusive behavior with absurd claims of “doing justice.” They redress past grievances by committing worse grievances anew.

Our founders wisely chose to elevate the “why” over the “how,” enshrining our inherent rights (given by our Creator, not our government) as the measure of good government. If you violate the “why,” the “how” is automatically irrelevant. This is the best preventative against the Left’s “ends justify the means” argument and is the hill to die on.

Many nations have fallen, and they all shared one trait - their loyalty was to those who made the laws, not to the principles that gave those laws legitimacy. Consequently, as those lawmakers fell short (as all men do) the laws they made fell with them, having no underlying principle for support.

We have an obligation to prevent the destruction of the principles on which our system relies. This is how we avoid the easy slide of vengeance or fall victim to the predations of avarice.

When a government falls, the collateral damage is often unspeakable. Today of all days, take the lessons of failed nations to heart, remembering always, “there, but for the Grace of God, go I.” -30-

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